I am a self-taught artist.  I have been creating abstract pieces since the early 1990s.  Clients have described my work as full of energy and color, provocative and beautiful.  Every time you look at a piece of my art, I hope you find something a little different than the last time you viewed it.  Everyone sees something different.  That is the beauty of abstract art.

I’ve recently begun exploring the use of Encaustics, a painting method invented by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.  It was almost a lost art form until recently.  It is always interesting and exciting to explore new mediums.      

In addition to my art, I recently began working with photography.  To be able to capture a landscape or an architectural marvel or an every day street scene is truely remarkable.  Whether I am at home or travelling to near and far away places, I have my cameras with me.  

Enjoy touring my website.  Feel free to comment on my work and if you have any questions, please contact me.

abstract encaustics art

I invite you to visit where my artwork and photography also posted.  I am often asked what sizes of prints are available and for what price. For anyone interested in purchasing prints and other products utilizing my artwork and photography, this is a great site.  The link to this site is  abstract encaustics art